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Get up close and personal with the Scout Paramotor. Find out just how cutting-edge this unit really is.

Scout Eye Candy

Unique Carbon Fiber Design

Ultra lightweight yet extremely strong, see why Carbon fiber makes the Scout stand out from the rest. Not just from its looks.

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Scout's Innovative Features

Scout is not just a sexy paramotor. Find out what innovative features we've engineered into this sleek design.

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Team Fly Halo 2016 European factory tour is complete!

Team Fly Halo 2016 European factory tour is complete! Shane and I cleared our schedules and headed to Europe to meet up with SCOUT manufacturer and innovator Miroslav Svec, Team Niviuk in Spain, ParaJet in the UK, and Vittorazi Engines in Italy.  The tour started in Spain at the 2016 Las Candelas Paramotor fly-in located just outside the sleepy town of La Puebla. Known for being the first fly-in of the year in Europe, Las Candelas was a well organized event which included: a giant tent for PPG and food vendors, plenty of spectators, lots of flying demos, trike tandem rides, and plenty of amazing views and beautiful countryside …
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